Meredith Lab



Email Us:        Andrea Meredith

Research Associates:  Beth McNally, Jenna Montgomery
Grad Students:  Michael Lai, Josh Whitt, Amber Plante
Technican:  Jonah Delshad
Undergrads:  Zulqarnain Khan, Jessica Lu

Positions Available

Postdoc: Circadian Regulation of Ion Channels and Neuronal Excitability (ad in Naturejobs, Feb 2017)
We are seeking a highly motivated electrophysiologist to contribute to our studies of the circadian regulation of intrinsic excitability (see Nature Communications 7:10837, 2016, Nature Neuroscience 9:1041-9, 2006, PNAS 109(46):18997-9002, 2012, and J. Gen. Physiol. 142 (6):579-583, 585-598).  This NIH-funded project involves recording macroscopic currents and/or action potentials from the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the brain’s “clock”, or other rhythmic tissues.  We are specifically interested in understanding the biophysical mechanisms that contribute to circadian regulation of membrane excitability by the large conductance Ca2+-activated BK channel (KCa1.1, KCNMA1).

The Meredith Lab focuses on BK currents in unique physiological contexts, using techniques such as voltage-clamp, current-clamp, and multi-electrode array recordings; molecular biology and transgenics; and in vivo telemetry.

Requirements: PhD in neuroscience, biophysics, physiology, or other relevant field.  Experience with electrophysiological recordings is required.

To apply: Please send your application by email to Dr. Andrea Meredith, including:

– CV
– a letter describing your scientific interests
– the names and contact information of three references

Information for Postdocs at UMB

The Department of Physiology ( offers outstanding research and NIH-funded postdoctoral training opportunities.  The University of Maryland School of Medicine, located in downtown Baltimore, is the oldest public medical school in the U.S. and the founding campus of the University of Maryland system.  The School of Medicine ranks 6th among all 76 public medical schools.

Lab Alumni and Current Positions:
Jenna Montgomery: Senior Scientist, Electrophysiology,
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Cambridge, UK
Chris Shelley: Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Rachel White: Postdoc at U. Penn
Graduate Students:      Mike Lai:  Postdoc at Yale, Josh Whitt:  Postdoc at Brown
Betsy Zemen: University of Central Florida (PhD Program)
Breanne Wright: Purdue (PhD Program)
Benyam Kinde: Harvard (MD/PhD program)
Grace Silva: UNC (PhD Program)
Jack Kent: Becker & Associates Consulting, Inc.

Rotation Students:  Program in Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and UMCP BioEngineering Program.